Feel Safe Anywhere

Credible Personal and VIP Protection in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Constant Security

For many well-known people, the world is a more threatening place than it should be. The Mainland Private Security team can keep you safe anytime, anywhere. With our personal and VIP protection services, our security personnel discreetly keep our clients safe as they go about their lives and focus on what’s important to them.

Event Protection

Are you concerned about your personal safety at an event? Let our security officers keep you safe as you enjoy your time away from home. With personal protection from our highly-trained security personnel, you won’t have to worry about the limitations of the event security. Our security team will maximize your safety anywhere.

Trained Personnel

Each member of our security team is full certified and undergoes continuous training so we can provide our clients with the best security personnel available. When hiring a personal security officer, you can work with us on the details that are important to you, including contract terms, uniform style and invoicing concerns.

Our Staff is Fully Certified and Our Company Is Bonded and Insured

Improve Your Personal Safety