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Mainline Private Security is a fully licensed, insured and bonded security agency. Mainline Private Security’s Executive Management Team combines to have over 60 years of experience in the security industry.

Some of our experience includes:

  • Armed Patrol
  • Unarmed Patrol,
  • Concierge Services,
  • Event Staff Security,
  • CCTV monitoring,
  • Surveillance,
  • Executive Protection,
  • Loss Prevention,
  • Body Guarding,
  • Security Team Management,
  • Investigations,
  • Detective work.

Drawing on this plethora of experience we have designed a unique and different approach to the recruitment and training of our staff.  We understand the needs of our customers and have put together procedures and plans to guarantee those needs are met.

At Mainline- we promise you the most effective and efficient guards available.

  • We pride ourselves heavily on Quality Control alongside a few other key concepts.
  • We provide Assurance to guarantee that the security system in place will behave as expected.
  • We implement Countermeasures to stop threats from triggering a risk event.
  • We strive for Defense in Depth, which means we never rely on just one single security measure alone.
  • We work to reduce Exploits, which are vulnerabilities triggered by threats.
  • We constantly identify Risk, or any possible event that could cause a loss and work proactively to eliminate them.
  • We work around the clock to decrease our clients Vulnerability, or any weakness in a target that can potentially be exploited by a security threat.

As a local, Philadelphia based company we can guarantee constant oversight from not only upper management but ownership as well.  We are committed to providing a service that truly exceeds our clients expectations.  We will frequent your location to ensure that all of our employees are conducting themselves within our strict code of ethics and guidelines.


In addition, we will work hand in hand with your management team to develop a security plan that is tailor made for your organization.


Contact us today to find out how our unconventional approach to the field of private security can help your business remain safe and profitable…

We Are Flexible in Regards to Contract Terms, Uniforms, Invoicing and More

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