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Commercial Security Services in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Construction Security

Leaving expensive construction equipment unattended can lead to theft that impacts your ability to hit deadlines and affects your bottom line. At Mainline Private Security, our trained security team can keep your worksites safe at all times.

Educational Facility Security

More and more parents are worried about the safety of their children’s schools. Each of our security officers is certified and extensively trained. With our team on your side, you can keep your educational facility secure both day and night.

Concierge Service

Maintaining a professional and secure company lobby is a task best left to trained security officers. Our most polite, tactful officers will give a great first impression of your company while defending your building from potential threats.

Medical Facility Security

In medical facilities, patients or their family members may attack medical personnel or other building occupants. Our security team is trained to handle all kinds of threats that a medical facility may face with tact and professionalism.

We Can Provide Security Personnel on Short Notice for Corporate Firings and Events

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