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Event Security Personnel in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Security Measures

At Mainline Private Security, our event security services have been refined by years of experience. We’ll handle every security need at your event, from the planning stage through to the end so you can focus on the details that are important to you. Our polite officers won’t detract from your event's atmosphere.

Serving All Events

With over 45 years of experience in the security industry, our executive management team are experts at securing all kinds of events. No matter the size, location or type of event you are hosting, our team can handle every detail of the event security process with ease. Call us to learn more about our services.

Professional Team

With so much responsibility placed on our team members, we only hire the best security personnel available, and we continuously train our staff. Each member of our staff is polite, firm and respectful while maintaining security measures, and you’ll be connected to our management team quickly if the need arises.

Our Clients Can Access Our Management Team at Any Time

Ensure Your Event’s Success