Comprehensive Security Measures

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At Mainline Private Security, we have a strong security force lead by a highly experienced management team. No matter the security service you need, you’ll always be able to reach our management team to voice your concerns. We’re here to help.

Safety Patrols

If you’re concerned about the safety of your public or private property, we can send out an armed or unarmed security team to patrol the premises. With a security patrol, your property and the people you care about will be continuously protected.


We provide many of our clients with CCTV monitoring and surveillance of properties and individuals. With our professional surveillance measures in place, you’ll have a consistent, reliable and discreet source of information on concerning situations.


If you’re concerned about a person or situation, our security professionals can provide inconspicuous investigations and high-quality detective work so you can get the information you need to make wise decisions. Let our team do the legwork for you.

Our Executive Management Team Has Over 45 Years of Security Experience

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