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Loss Prevention Service in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Loss Prevention / Inventory protection

“The FBI has estimated that loses attributed to Organized Retail Crime could reach as much as $30 Billion a year.”


Organized Retail Crime is a growing problem in society today.  With so much money at stake, criminal organizations have put much time and effort into figuring out how to steal merchandise from retail locations.  We provide high quality, trained guards who will provide vigilant protection of your assets. At Mainline Private Security, we pledge to protect your inventory like it was our own.

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Professional, Experienced and Trained

We will work closely with store management to put together a security plan tailored to your location and specific threats.  Our staff is educated on both local and national crime trends. We will guarantee you professional, experienced and trained agents who will exceed your expectations, everyday.  We take pride in all of our agents and maintain close watch over them to ensure good quality control. All agents are insured, screened and licensed.  All certificates can and will be shown upon request.

Accessible 24 hours a day

We promise to provide a staff that is presentable, professional, and dressed to meet whatever your needs may be. We understand the value of flexibility when it comes to dealing with each one of our accounts and have no problem working with our customers to meet each of their individual needs.  At Mainline, you are not dealing with a “national machine” who is stuck in their ways through out dated policies and procedures wrapped in red tape.  Instead you are given access to our executive management team who will be accessible 24 hours a day and do whatever is necessary to accommodate your every need.  By using a smaller agency approach we are able to work very closely with our clients throughout the duration of our professional relationship.

We Have a Strong Commitment to Excellent Customer Service

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